CHUR Launches in partnership with Binangonan Rural Bank launches CLUB CHUR Card and Loyalty Program. Offering Binanagon residence FREE unlimited WiFi with over 20km2 coverage and growing.

Smart City Built

CHUR in Partnership with BRB and Cambium networks, built the first smart city in the Philippines. Installing over 70 cambium long range, high capacity access points, Chur can monitor traffic, data, demographics and more. With CHUR Facial recognition just around the corner. Ites never been a better time to partner with CHUR

Loyalty program system   

Chur Club and BRB Members can earn points doing everyday activities Walking, referring friends, sharing networks or simple just watching ads that can be used  


Solving issue – High Speeds connection  / allowing residents to get rewarded – connecting community  / unlimited wifi usage / Providing Schools and Unis in the area with high-speed internet / Empower the locals to take charge of a decentrialised network